🖥 I built a PC

It’s always exciting to build a new computer isn’t it?

For several years I was more of a nomad, carrying compuberto all around, my usual 13 inch laptop that has seen a few reincarnations due to misuse 😅, compuberto primero had an invasive surgery and never was the same again, compuberto segundo turned out to dislike German beer and compuberto tercero just suffered a sudden heart attack. That’s probably the last Asus Zenbook that I’m getting and the end of the dynasty. Other than that at home the closest thing to a desktop I had was a raspberry Pi used cheap WiFi router, time for a decent set up!

What I need

So what kind of computer should I build? Let’s review some requirements.

What I got


Once I carefully identified what I “need”, I arrived to the logical conclusion I have to get a nice modern computer(cough… excuses!), but let’s start simple.

Now was the time to plug my Archlinux loaded USB drive and set up a simple containerized workstation(more on that some day 😆) that I could access from the remote 5 meters away comfort of my bed.